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SEQOHS Construction & RUK Wind Turbine Medicals based in Guildford, Surrey

Welcome to Workers Health Ltd

We are an SEQOHS accredited occupational health provider offering dedicated medicals to the construction and renewable energy sectors. We provide Quality Occupational Health services that uphold the SEQOHS medical standards, to ensure that your employees are fit to work in their safety critical job roles. Contact us to arrange industry-specific medicals for your workforce. Email us at or call 01483 828 991.

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 Our Occupational Health Services



Safety Critical Worker Medicals

Under current Health and Safety legislation, employers have a duty of care to safeguard the health and safety of their employees. This is particularly relevant to those carrying out safety-critical tasks such as working at height, working in a confined space or operating plant machinery.

SEQOHS medicals, such as a fitness-for-task health check, as identified in the National Industry Standards for occupational health, will go a long way towards ensuring these legal requirements are met.

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RUK Wind Turbine Medicals  

SEQOHS medicals in Guildford for the renewable energy sector

RenewableUK has developed medical fitness-to-work guidelines, which outline the nature and scope of assessments provided to wind turbine technicians and other personnel who may need to work on, access and climb a medium or large wind turbine. Workers Health can provide industry recommended Wind Turbines Medicals (Medical Fitness to Work on near offshore and land based projects) for the renewable energy sector, also known as RUK medicals.

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Industry-specific medicals

Our medicals are tailored to the sectors that they serve. This means that the construction industry and the renewable energy sector are well catered to for SEQOHS medicals in Guildford and these businesses can rest assured that their workforce has been thorough checked for any medical issue that may interfere with the safety of their work.

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Ensuring your worker's health

The health of your workforce can have a major effect on the health of your business.

By ensuring your employees undergo the appropriate medical  you will assist in identifying medical conditions that may compromise the safety of your staff and their colleagues, offering reassurance that staff are fit and safe to work in a safety critical environment and that they are safe to work with.

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Helping you improve productivity

We are here to help businesses to improve staff productivity and maintain the health and well-being of their workers. Through our SEQOHS medicals and related occupational health services, we can help you to minimise causes of work-related ill-health. Our industry specific medicals help to ensure that your staff are fit to conduct safety critical work tasks, with the ultimate aim being to help make your workplace a safe and healthy environment.

For SEQOHS medicals in Guildford for the construction and renewables sector, contact our helpful team on  01483 828 991

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